Peter Koletzki Schiffsmakler GmbH

Martin Koletzki

+ 49 – 171 – 125 58 95


born in 1967, already had very early contacts with the shipping-business while the company’s office was at home, when he had to remove his model railway to clear a space for the telex machine. After finishing grammar school Martin passed a 2 ½ year apprenticeship with Aug. Bolten of Hamburg and then went abroad to gain shipping experience in London and Rouen.

In December 1990 he returned to Hamburg and started working for his dad. Since he is fluent in French he has been able to establish some major contacts in France and Switzerland, mainly but not only on the grain-side of business.  He took over the company from his father as of January 2010.

He likes Tennis and Volleyball and still finds the time to perform in theatrical plays once in a while.