Peter Koletzki Schiffsmakler GmbH

Drive safely

On the 9th february we met for a completely new experience. As we all usually drive into the office every day and are also on the road at the weekends, we decided it is about time to improve our driving skills.

Guided by a professional instructor and equipped with a walkie-talkie in each car, we were sent through various exercises on germany’s most modern training grounds for safe driving.

The photo shows all participants and our instructor:
From left to right, standing: Andreas Herrmann, Gaby Herrmann, Michael Koletzki, Christina Schreiber, Frank Andresen, Juliane Reinewald, Julian Sohn, Martin Koletzki.
Front row: Nicole Prahl and our instructor Michael.

The video shows Andreas driving over a hydraulic platform which pulls the back wheels of the car to one side, forcing the driver to act accordingly, trying to keep the car under control and on track.